Our activities

1. Instruction of folk small crafts

We offer adult education within culture since 1996. There are courses in the fields of folk embroidering, weaving and pottery at beginner and advanced level (first and second year) with ten monthly sessions, continuously organized. The whole of the course is built on ethnography, with theoretical and practical training. The programme includes ethnographic collection in the field as a task of the students. After passing the final exam, our students receive a Certificate.

2. Camps for Craftsmanship in Folk Art

Those who are beginners in a craftsmanship have the ability to work together with artisans more experienced and to learn to use the characteristic values (ornaments, shapes, colours, techniques) of a specific region, period or centre on contemporary articles of use. At the same time we would like to make as many people interested in folk craftsmanship as possible through informing a broad public and providing the opportunity to join the work.

3. Studio classes

Professional further education weekends for those who finished one of our courses and other inquirers three or four times yearly.

4. Exhibition of the Margit Polák Embroidery Competition

One of the main activities of the organization besides professional education in the first place is to provide an opportunity for the former students, the members and all those interested for competition and presenting themselves in front of a panel of experts who pass their judgements on them. The Vojvodinian Hungarian Folk Centre has organized this event since the spring of 1997 in honour of Margit Polák embroidering woman. It will be organized regionally, foreseeably every second year in the future.

5. Exhibition of the Warp Beam Weaving Competition>

An opportunity for folk weavers to discover and process the patterns of the folk and rustic homespuns (textiles used in homes and as clothing) characteristic for the Hungarians living in this region in the first place, and also for those living in the Carpathian basin, thus sustaining the variety of particular technical workmanship. They may take part in professional competitions and introduce themselves every second year (alternately with the embroidery exhibitions).

6. The past, present and future of Hungarian rural museums in Vojvodina – professional consultation

We organize one-day events where the audience can listen to the lectures and experience of professional experts coming from local organizations and institutions and those from the mother-country (State Rural Museum Association, Open-air Ethnology Museum, Szentendre, Sóstó, Museumvillage, etc), through which those who are interested can enrich their knowledge.

7. National Folk Dancers Presentation Stage

The festival is co-organized by the Martin György Folk Dance Association (from Budapest) and the Hungarian Folk Art and Cultural Centre (from Novi Sad). The aim of the event is to make it possible to professionally assess the performances of the groups who wish to be qualified on the basis of commensurable and constant criteria, and to develop a unified qualification system.

8. Vojvodinian Barn Dance Meeting and Open-air Market

The regional meeting of folk music-, folk dance-, folk song- and creative folk art-lovers. We make a summoning for co-organizing the event yearly.

9. Silladri Kamara Folk Dance Festival

The Vojvodinian Hungarian Folk Centre created this event for groups of small number. A constant organizing partner is the Sándor Petőfi Cultural Association of Pancsova.

10. Handcrafts for young children

11. Exhibitions

12. Study excursions